No Traffic Death is Acceptable.


The following simple steps can be taken to prevent unnecessary traffic-related deaths in the District of Columbia.

  1. Use of cell phones or other electronic devices is illegal while driving in the District of Columbia.
  2. The Metropolitan Police Department uses automated red-light enforcement technology to enforce the law. Locations of cameras can be found here.
  3. Police also use photo radar for speed enforcement in the District of Columbia. For a list of locations, click here.
  4. Drivers are allowed to make a right turn on red after a complete stop unless it states "No Turn on Red".
  5. Seat belt laws are strictly enforced in the District of Columbia. Everyone in the vehicle must be buckled at all times - drivers and all passengers, front and back seats.
  6. Approximately 18 vehicles are stolen every day in the District of Columbia. Protect your vehicle.
  7. Never drink and drive. Penalties include large fines, suspended licenses and jail time. Greater Washington, DC residents have access to the Washington Regional Alcohol Program’s SoberRide, one of the nation’s most successful free cab ride programs for would-be impaired drivers. It provides a free cab ride home up to a $50 fare.
  8. Parking permits for District of Columbia residents are obtained through the District of Columbia Department of Motor Vehicles; residents’ guest parking permits are obtained through the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department.
  9. Allow extra travel time. Traffic congestion and delays are a problem in the area, and can lead to aggressive driving. Extend common courtesy to other drivers at all times.
  10. Share the road with bicycles, pedestrians, trucks and buses - and other drivers.