No Traffic Death is Acceptable.

Work Zone Safety

Each year, lives are lost in work zones, and the majority of those fatalities are drivers not the workers. With federal funds now jumpstarting thousands of road projects across the country, drivers need to be attentive and careful. Here are some tips and notes about driving in work zones in the District of Columbia:

  • According to DC law, fines double and penalties increase for traffic offenses committed in work zones.
  • Slow down and do not pass while driving in a work zone.
  • Keep a safe distance from flaggers and pay attention to their signs and signals.
  • Watch out for flaggers and other workers on or near the road and in and behind equipment.
  • Pay attention and follow all warning devices in a work zone, such as signs, cones, drums, barricades, and message boards.

Workzone Safety and Enforcement in DC Brochure

Download the Workzone Safety and Enforcement in DC. What is means to you! Brochure